Thursday, August 1, 2019

USA ~ April - July 2019

new picture poem collection @Twitter ~ Tumblr ~ Pinterest ~ linkedin updated 02/August/2019 Adelaide, South Australia
Textualities (DAILY thought splats) daily writing updated just a moment ago - would love to share it with someone besides the passsing shadows across my window updated 02/August/2019 Adelaide, South Australia

We are running behind our usual blogging exercises. We will write up our notes and add photos when we are settled and caught up on sleep back in Australia, probably before the end of July - that would be July 2019. Today is 14th July - we leave today - couple of days to get back, then sleep, mow the lawn, find all our notes and wow lots to share....Current launch date is on my birthday 10 August I will be 72 and you won't be...

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