Friday, June 3, 2011

tofu homepage

Created a tofu homepage to accompany my misguided e-book desire to share not only tofu recipes but a whole lot more. Like why was I making tofu in a foreign meat-eating country to begin with. Why did I make an astrological chart on the idea and then foolishly follow it for eight long years? So yes there are stories, including the day a herd of cows broke through a fence and ate my tofu burger mix. There is philosophy and so much more than what to do with tofu or what I did with tofu.

Oh the homepage for this is

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

tofu e-book cover

Having been a tofu manufacturer for eight years in South Australia gave me some wisdom, crisis, regrets, insanity, good products, sense of success, sense of failure, and now more than twenty years after making my last batch of tofu commercially I still wonder what it was that I was doing. It was not being a single parent (male single parent at that) in rural Australia as a foreigner (USA citizen) trying to have enough money to survive, fighting in court with a mother who seemed to just like fighting in court, bringing vegetarianism to a meat loving country but there was something enjoyable about the experience. I wrote a tofu cookbook, sold tofu throughout Australia, had dozens of products, even more dreams/illusions than there are soybeans in a 50 kilo bag and somehow managed to stumble through a weird set of years. Well that was the 1980s. Now in 2011 the only thing left to do is create an ebook about tofu. A combination of recipes, stories of survival (we moved our factory seven times in those eight years from a purpose built factory in the city of Adelaide to finally ending up in a dairy shed on a farm in Mt. Compass), tips on how to make kids think the tofu they are having for dinner could be meat, and some general philosophy. After all I did earn not only a BA, but a Master's Degree, and finally a PhD so I suppose I should have something to philosophize about.

This is my cover - perhaps a messy cover but it was a messy experience;

cover for e-book tofu again?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tofu Again?

I did my first book of tofu in 1982 when I was a tofu manufacturer in Adelaide, South Australia. After eight years of having a tofu factory and producing about twenty products made with tofu I stopped.
But I never stopped making dishes with tofu.
Here, in Jersey City, 30 years later I will start again with a book of tofu, using some of my old recipes, stories of tofu making - like the day the cows ate my burger mix, raising children as a single parent whilst making tofu all night, and adding lots of products - the successful ones and the non-successful ones, and what I have been using tofu in for the past few decades.


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1. Downloaded trial of inDesign first of April 2011
2. Downloaded "How to Create an eBook with Adobe InDesign CS5 from Amazon by Rufus Deuchler 11 April 2011
3. Started reading above 12th April